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Offbeat: Roofing salesman cited after urinating on business’ floor, asking if they have leaks

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(Last Updated On: April 24, 2020)

CRYSTAL LAKE, Illinois — In a bizarre fashion, a roofing salesman has been cited after being caught on video urinating on the floor of a business and then asking them if they had any “leaks.”

The Northwest Herald said that Jim Costa, from Nile Illinois, was cited with disorderly conduct for the incident. The incident doesn’t equate to a criminal offense, so Cost was not arrested, nor does he face criminal charges.

Surveillance footage shows the man walking into a business in the 600 block of Terra Cotta Avenue in Crystal Lake, Illinois, and then calling out “Hello?”

The lobby was empty and the business was actually closed but the doors were unlocked.

The surveillance video then shows the man turning his back to the camera and then urinating on the rug.

After the urination, the video shows him turning around and looking squarely at the camera.

Seconds later, an employee walks out and greets the man, and that’s when he explains that he is with a roofing company and then asks the employee if the roof has any leaks.

The employee looked back at the surveillance footage after noticing the wet spot on the rug and then notified police.

Police used information from a flyer that Costa left to arrange a meetup with him for a quote, and he showed up in the same vehicle that is shown in the surveillance footage.

The man never explained to police why he could have urinated at the business.

“He provided no reasonable explanation on why he did that,” police said.

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