Poem- Today we remember 9/11

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The day stood still, silence took hold of the entire nation.

What seemed like an eternity was over in a few short hours.

Some were sheltered from the events, others bared witness.

Cries of fear, helplessness, hopelessness, and terror rang out.

Strangers desperately clung to each other.

Strangers desperately stood together.

United together, a county stood tall.

Some gave their all, gathering their equipment and traveling from their homes.

Some gave what they could, donating money, goods, and time.

Many gave their lives.

Today will always be a day that does not feel quite right.

A wound still fresh in our American hearts.

We will always stop today and ask those next to us,

“Where were you?”

We will always say,

“We will always remember.”

Years later, a date timestamped with pain and suffering.

Never forgotten, an eerie feeling fog lays over the day.

9/10/2001 is a day forgotten, a past day of excitement or worries erased.

Permanently gone by a day that will never be forgotten by events that will never leave our minds, hearts, and souls.

Today we remember not only those who lost their lives, those who stood up for what was right, but the way we felt when the country faced its darkest hour.

Today we stand stronger, today we remember.

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