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Mayor Bill Blackburn explains why there is no “Shelter in place” order for Kerrville at this time

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(Last Updated On: April 24, 2020)

KERRVILLE, Texas — With the neighboring county (Kendall) now having six cases of confirmed COVID-19, some Kerrville residents are asking why no shelter in place has been ordered for Kerrville or Kerr County.

Kerrville Mayor Bill Blackburn explained his position Saturday evening with a Facebook post.

“Yesterday we held a press conference at the City Hall about Kerrville/Kerr County and the conoravirus/Covid19. Present to speak and/or answer questions were Dr. Mark Foust, Superintendent of KISD, County Judge Rob Kelly, Cory Edmondson, CEO of Peterson Health, Dr. Charlie McCormick, President of Schreiner University, me, and four more medical and community leaders.”


“In my remarks, I said that we were not ready to issue a “Shelter in place” order which means everyone except very few essential positions would need to stay home. I do not want to issue a “Shelter in place” order in spite of the fact that places like Boerne and San Antonio are. This kind of order could be devastating for our local businesses.”

Mayor Blackburn went on to say that a Shelter in Place order must be taken for the sake of health and life if the situation changes regarding the virus.

“In the meantime, I want to ask you to stay home or if you are working, go straight to and from work. But we have to be less active as a town.”

“Here’s the deal. If one person is carrying this virus but does not have symptoms and sees twelve people in a day, they could all have the virus. Then if those folks are each around twelve people, you quickly have a coronavirus network stretching around town.”

Mayor Blackburn asked everyone to stay home and that if residents have to get out, to please practice social distancing. 

In an opinion poll conducted Thursday in the Kerrville Breaking News Forum Facebook Group,  group members voted 302-183 in favor of a shelter in place order.

As of Saturday morning, there were ZERO confirmed cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 in Kerrville or Kerr County, according to Peterson Regional Medical Center.


Both Kerrville and Kerr County have been Declared to be in the State of Disaster. You can view the current COVID-19 Situation Report here.


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