KPD reminds motorists to drive safely in school zones

With school beginning around the area, the Kerrville Police Department issued a press release to remind motorists to be safe on the roadways to help with morning and afternoon commutes.

Residents will begin to see traffic congestion increase and children walking on the roadways will be more common during the school year.

A few tips offered by the KPD include:

  • Drive the Posted Speed Limit: This reduces the possibility of being involved in an accident. Don’t tailgate.
  • Identify Alternate Routes: Avoid congested areas when possible. Use controlled intersections. Leave a few minutes early in case of a delay.
  • Stop for red lights and stop signs: Look in all directions before proceeding. Children may be crossing the street.
  • Pay attention to all “school zones” and warning signs.
  • Do not pass school buses when lights are flashing during loading or unloading.
  • Stay off your phone. Don’t be distracted.

Aggressive drivers may also be common. Aggressive drivers may exceed the speed limits, change lanes frequently, abruptly and without notice, follow too closely, pass on the shoulder, or even threaten others, as stated by KPD.

Tips to motorists who might encounter an aggressive driver include:

  • Make every effort to get out of their way.
  • Put your pride aside and do not challenge them.
  • Report the incident to the police by calling (830) 257-8181. Be ready to provide a vehicle description, license number, and direction of travel.

Please remember the in the Texas Transportation Code passed by the 81st Texas Legislature as House Bill 55 amends Section 545.425- Use of Wireless Communication Device. This law which became effective September 1, 2009, prohibits any driver from using a wireless communication device while in a school zone unless the driver’s vehicle is stopped or the driver is using a hands-free device. A passenger bus driver is also prohibited from using a wireless communication device while operating the bus with a minor passenger onboard unless the passenger bus is stopped. A TXDOT approved sign must be posted at the entrance to each school crossing zone in the municipality, county, or political subdivision that enforces this section.

Details of Section 545.431- Seatbelts were also provided by KPD, stating that everyone in the vehicle including “Child Care” vans transporting 15 or fewer passengers are required to wear seat belts or in child safety seats.

Tips for children walking to and from school were also added:

  • Walk on the sidewalk when possible. If there is no sidewalk, keep off the road as much as possible and walk facing traffic.
  • Don’t engage in horseplay. Never push or shove others when you’re walking near a road.
  • If you need to cross the street, use a crosswalk if you can. Look left-right-left for cars and do not cross if a car is coming. Wait for traffic to come to a full stop.

The KPD Traffic Enforcement Unit is said to be tasked to reduce the number of accidents and associated injuries that occur within the city limits of Kerrville. KPD ensures the community that they will be monitoring school zones, targeting aggressive drivers and focusing on reducing the number of accidents that occur within the city.

KPD says, “Please drive safe, be courteous, and report aggressive driving immediately.”

For more information about school zone traffic laws or other traffic laws, contact the Kerrville Police Department at 830-257-8181.

The information above was from a press release issued by KPD in 2018 at the beginning of last year’s school year.

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