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Kerrville officials confirm 15 total COVID-19 cases in the county




(Last Updated On: May 21, 2020)

KERR COUNTY – It has been announced by multiple sources that Kerr County has had 15 positive COVID-19 cases within the county, as of Thursday, May 21.

According to Kerr County officials, the individual with the 12th case tested positive in Bexar County and is in quarantine at home.

City of Kerrville spokesman Stuart Cunyus stated that the 13th,14th,and 15th cases were tested at Franklin Clinic on Hill Country Drive in Kerrville, reported the Kerrville Daily Times.

In an email sent by Cunyus, he wrote, “It’s undetermined if they are community or travel related at this time. One is isolating in the city, and two are isolating in Kerr County.”

City of Kerrville Mayor Bill Blackburn took to social media to confirm the announcement saying, “Although some claim the Covid curve has flattened, we had cases 12, 13, 14, and 15 reported today.”

Blackburn added that not much information is available at this time.

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