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Kerrville newspaper closes lobby due to possible COVID-19 exposure to employees from Houston visitor

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(Last Updated On: April 24, 2020)

KERRVILLE, Texas — The Kerrville Daily Times reported Wednesday afternoon that at least three of their employees were exposed to a visitor from Houston who was confirmed to have COVID-19 afterward.

The exposed employees are self-quarantining for 14 days and are being tested for COVID-19, awaiting results, according to the newspaper.

The person who visited The Kerrville Daily Times was in Kerrville from March 16 through the 17th then returned to their home in Houston.

The visitor from Houston reportedly tested positive Monday.

The exposed employees were then notified by Publisher Carlina Villalpando Monday afternoon and the appropriate authorities, including the CDC, were notified.

The lobby was closed Monday afternoon and remains closed at this time.

The quarantined employees are working from home while a few of the administrative personnel will continue to work from the office and assist the public.

The Daily Times said Wednesday that at no point did the infected person have contact with any workers in the press, mailroom or contracted carriers.

According to KDT, The Centers for Disease Control has said that COVID-19 is not transmittable through newsprint, paper, or another type of packaging, including the mail.

The Kerrville Daily Times said Wednesday that they will continue to serve the community through print and online.

Texas Breaking News – Kerrville will update you with any new information regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic.

You can read the entire release from the Kerrville Daily Times here.


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