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Man allegedly disposing of puppies at dumpsters, have you seen him?



El Paso County Sheriff's Office

EL PASO COUNTY The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office if seeking assistance from the community in identifying a suspect who has allegedly been leaving puppies at dumpsters in the Socorro area.

Surveillance video captured the suspect removing a box containing six puppies from a dark Hyundai and leaving it beside a dumpster in the 690 block of Horizon Blvd on September 2.

Police believe he lives in the area where the puppies were abandoned.

According to KVIA police found three more puppies abandoned at another dumpster in the Socorro area.

The puppies have reportedly been taken to El Paso Animal Services.

Sources say the suspect could be facing animal cruelty charges if he is located.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is asking that anyone with information on the man’s identity contact detective at Montana Patrol Station at 915-856-4875 or Sheriff’s Office Communications at 915-832-4408.

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El Paso County

El Paso Border Patrol Chief’s husband arrested on Charges of sexual assault



EL PASO — A former U.S. Border Patrol Agent has been arrested and indicted on three counts of felony sexual assault and one felony count of kidnapping.

Gus Zamora, husband of the current U.S. Border Patrol interim Chief Gloria Chavez, was the assistant chief of the Border Patrol sector in Yuma, Arizona when the alleged assault occurred, according to the New York Times.

Zamora allegedly committed the assault while traveling on a work trip from Yuma to Tucson earlier this year.

The victim, a young border patrol agent who reportedly saw Zamora as a mentor, says he got her drunk on tequila shots while at dinner then took her to his hotel room.

Once in the hotel room Zamora reportedly attacked the victim and sexually assaulted her.

Sources at KVIA say Zamora claims the sex was consensual and that the victim initiated it.

KVIA also reports that Zamora “quietly retired” in the wake of these allegations in July.

In a statement given to the El Paso Times, Chavez says she is “hurting, but will persevere.”

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Professional Responsibility launched an investigation into the incident in June, according to El Paso Times.

This is an ongoing investigation and Texas Breaking News will keep you updated once more information in released.

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