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Woman who endured alleged illegal vaginal cavity search to be paid settlement by City of San Antonio



Lauren Sanchez | Texas Breaking News

SAN ANTONIO, Texas The City of San Antonio is planning to pay a settlement to a woman who was allegedly inappropriately searched by police officers for drugs.

The victim, Natalie D. Simms, filed the lawsuit last year according to SA Current .

The lawsuit details how Natalie was allegedly searched by SAPD officers while sitting on a curb waiting for her boyfriend.

According to the lawsuit, officers approached her and asked if they could search her car for drugs.

When officers found no drugs in the vehicle, they called for a female officer to search Natalie.

SA Current reports that Detective Mara Wilson, pulled Natalie’s shorts down and searched her vagina in public view while male officers watched.

The lawsuit also states that Wilson pulled a tampon out of Natalie’s vagina and inspected it in front of the other officers.

The suit also alleges Wilson was going to conduct an anal cavity search on Natalie once the vaginal search had concluded.

This was backed up by video footage taken from a police squad car that captured Natalie appear to raise objections as Wilson appeared to be preparing to probe her anus, according to SA Current.

According to the lawsuit, no disciplinary action was taken against Wilson because SAPD internal affairs determined she had not violated any department policies.

Sources say Wilson has since left the force, having retired from SAPD in 2017.

An agenda posted online states City Council is scheduled to vote on whether or not the $205,000 payment will be funded by the city’s Self Insurance Liability Fund on October 17.

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15-year-old girl kidnapped and held captive for months now safe, alleged kidnapper in custody



Harris County

HOUSTON, Texas A man accused of kidnapping and holding a 15-year-old girl captive for months has been arrested by Houston law enforcement.

Sources from the Chronicle say 20-year-old Trevion Shields kidnapped the teenage girl from a restaurant located in the 8300 block of Westheimer Road on January 28 of this year.

Deputies with Harris County Constable Precinct 1 say the girl was held captive in Shields’ apartment for nearly 12 weeks.

Reports say Shields threatened to kill the girl’s family if she ever tried to escape, sometimes physically blocking the door to the apartment so she could not leave.

The girl alleged that Shields had sex with her multiple times, and that sometimes he would give her drugs and alcohol to “numb” her.

She did not have a phone of her own, according to the Chronicle, and had to use Shields’ phone without his knowledge so that she could call her help.

Court documents say she was removed from the apartment located in the 7900 block of Westheimer sometime in June.

The Constable’s Office released video of Shields being escorted into a booking facility and court documents say he was Charged with first-degree felony Aggravated Kidnapping in late October.

The Chronicle reports the girl is currently in recovery and the constable’s office helping to provide counseling for her.

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UPDATE: Montgomery County aggravated robbery suspect apprehended



Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

UPDATE: The aggravated robbery suspect wanted in this case has been identified and arrested.

A media advisory from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office says a joint investigation helped investigators from multiple law enforcement agencies link multiple Walmart robberies to a single suspect.

23-year-old Davantae London of Tomball was reportedly identified as the suspect of eight robberies.

An arrest warrant was filed for London’s arrest in Harris County and he was arrested on October 28.

The media advisory says London confessed to the robberies, including the robbery that took place in the Walmart located in College Park.

No information on his bond was included in the media advisory.

The agencies involved in this investigation include the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Katy police Department, Pearland Police Department, Tomball Police Department , the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and explosives.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas — The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is requesting the public’s assistance in identifying a suspect who robbed a Wal-Mart Supercenter early Wednesday morning.

The aggravated robbery was reported at approximately 2:41 a.m. on October 16 at the Wal-Mart Supercenter located at 3040 College Park Dr. in The Woodlands.

Employees told Deputies a white male suspect entered the business and approached a female employee, pointing a handgun at her and forcing her to an area of the store containing a safe.

The suspect demanded the employee open the safe and give him the money inside.

Sources with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office say while complying with these demands, the employee activated her two way radio and alerted the other Wal-Mart employees.

Her co-workers approached the room to check on her.

The suspect then ran out of the room and fired a single shot into the ceiling as he fled the scene on foot.

He reportedly obtained no money from the store.

The suspect is still wanted by Montgomery County law enforcement.

He was captured by surveillance cameras wearing a dark-colored hoodie, green shorts, black socks and black & white tennis shoes.

Officials believe he stands somewhere between 5’7″ and 5’11” tall.

If you have any information on the identity of the suspect contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 936-760-5800 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-392-STOP (7867) and refer to case #19A335178.

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Armed suspect wanted for multiple felonies arrested after shoplifting, says Constable



Harris County

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas Harris County law enforcement successfully apprehended an armed suspect who was wanted for multiple felonies.

Sources with Constable Mark Herman’s Office say 21-year-old Romeo Cruz was located on November 9 after shoplifting at a Kroger Grocery Store located in the 13100 block of Louetta Road.

Constable deputies located his vehicle near the 15000 block of Spring Cypress Road and attempted to initiate a traffic stop.

Cruz reportedly exited the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot.

Deputies subdued Cruz using their department issued tasers, quickly detaining him.

He was identified and found to be in possession of a black semi-automatic handgun.

Upon further investigation, deputies discovered he had open warrants in Harris County for Burglary of Habitation, Aggravated Robbery, and two for Theft.

He also reportedly had open warrants in Memphis, Tennessee for Aggravated Kidnapping and Aggravated Rape.

Cruz was arrested and booked into the Harris County Jail.

Constable Herman’s Office says Cruz was Charged with Unlawful Carry of a Weapon and Theft, which was enhanced t a felony due to his two prior theft convictions.

All six warrants were also confirmed against him.

Constable Herman did not give any information on whether or not Cruz received a bond.

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