What is going on with your child’s phone? Apps and activities you need to know

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TEXAS – With back the school time starting back up shortly and the summer winding down parents usually stress the importance of not speaking with strangers while walking home from school, checking in when they get home, and not letting anyone in the house they do not know. Though your best efforts to keep your child safe the small device in their pocket is providing a world of opportunity for bad decisions and potential harm.

With contact access to the internet we have cyber privileges but that also comes with cyber responsibilities, and that includes responsibilities to our children. The view on the internet is “No one can see me, I can do or say what I want.”, along with the potential risk of trafficking issues. As we teach our children to be good citizens in public, saying please and thank you, standing up for others when we notice injustice, we need to do the same online.

As a parent, be on a lookout for these 15 apps on your child’s phone, not only are these apps geared towards dating but also being anonymous use among child predators as well as other students attempting to hurt and bully other classmates.

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Teaching yourself and your child the safe and responsible use of technology in and outside of the classroom can help protect them and their classmates before they click. Just because their face is hidden behind a screen does not mean their actions won’t have an impact.

Here is a great resource on how to teach your child to be a thoughtful digital citizen.

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