WARNING: Asphalt scammers are in the area

April 9, 2018

Over time your asphalt driveways or parking lots will need to be repaired. Maybe you are looking to have them repaired right now. Did you know that asphalt scams are on the top of the list for the most common scams according to Better Business Bureau?

An asphalt scam is when pavers travel from county to county offering low-cost repairs to your driveways and parking lots. The scamming pavers are often called traveling criminals or gypsy pavers. The pavers do an unsatisfactory job on the paving and repairs by either using not enough asphalt and doing a poor job on their work causing them to wear more quickly. There are a few things you can look for to avoid being scammed when you are choosing pavers for your asphalt project.

Avoid purchasing asphalt services from someone going door-to-door. Always ask for references, this weeds out those who aren’t reputable in the area.

If a paver is offering “leftover” asphalt, they are likely not a professional business. A professional and experienced paver rarely has leftovers because they are able to accurately determine the amount of asphalt needed per job.

If an asphalt paver is trying to rush you to make a decision by lowering the price for a limited time, they are not likely a reliable business. A professional business will stand by their offer for weeks or even months. Also, if the company is asking for an unrealistic low price, they are likely not going to offer good quality work.

Another warning sign is when the paver accepts cash only. Reputable contractors always accept cash, check, or credit card payments and can always give their clients a detailed description of their services and fees. A reputable and respected asphalt paver will also stand by their job, offering warranties and repairs on future issues with their work.

A way to identify a traveling paver is by their truck. If they are lacking a logo or the truck is unmarked, this could be a sign that they are not a legitimate contractor.

Choosing local established paving businesses and contractors will help you avoid getting swindled on your upcoming asphalt project. Always check to make sure they have references and positive reviews with the community and Better Business Bureau.

If you feel like you are being scammed by a paver, it is a good idea to jot down their license plate number and contact the Kerr County Sheriff’s office or the BBB.

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