VIDEO: Police respond to burglary call to find that the suspect is a scared deer

LUFKIN – Officers with the Lufkin Police Department responded to a call of a burglary in progress at a local residence and discovered that the suspect was only a very frightened deer.

The Lufkin Police Department reported that the incident took place yesterday, June 6, at approximately 6:10 a.m. in a subdivision off of FM 58.

The homeowner told police that once she heard glass break and she immediately grabbed a weapon and hid in a closet to wait for the police.

As law enforcement arrived at the scene, they noted that a front window had been shattered. Then, after hearing what sounded like someone moving around inside the residence, the officers called for backup.

While waiting for police to subdue the criminal inside her home, the homeowner realized she did not have her weapon as it had been left of the kitchen counter where the suspect could grab it and use it against her, said Lufkin PD.

As a team of several officers arrived, they entered the home through the broken window. Once inside, officers stated that they came face to face with the suspect, a scared doe.

LPD stated that officers were able to shoo the deer out the front door after several minutes of “deer wrangling” using kitchen chairs.

The deer nor the officers were injured during the incident, aside from minor cuts from the glass.

Lufkin PD added to a Facebook post, “Can’t make this up folks.”

Hashtags written by LPD on the video read as follows: #strangerthanfiction#meanwhileinlufkin@bettercallallstate @orfarmers #gonnaneedabiggerroomba#janedoe#liontamer #ohdeer.

The video, shot from a Lufkin Police Department body cam, can be viewed below.

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