UPDATE WITH VIDEO: Kerrville resident CONFRONTS man that threw shoes in her yard.

UPDATE: 6:41PM 03/03/2018 – This morning, Nikki Vela and her husband found ANOTHER pair of shoes in their yard, but this time, they had security cameras posted up, waiting for the shoe perp to strike again.

What they witnessed after finding the shoes, was their neighbor’s truck, pulling up and throwing out a pair of shoes just before 7am this morning. They waited all day for their neighbor to come home, and called me over to see the footage. The rest is in the video.

Her neighbor apologized in the video and we know it was him. You can see him clearly in the footage and the truck matches exactly. Same model, pin-striping, windows, grill guard, even the same trash cans were in the back of the truck this afternoon.

Why anyone would go around throwing shoes in peoples’ yards is a mystery, but at least now Nikki Vela and her family, can go to sleep tonight knowing that the great Kerrville shoe mystery of 2017 and 2018 is history. Kerrville Breaking News can now stamp this, as CASE CLOSED.


For the past year, strange things have been happening in a neighborhood just south of Legion Drive in Kerrville. Resident Nikki Vela says that random shoes keep showing up in her yard.

In a 5 minute video, she communicated to us about an experience last year when she heard a thump early in the morning against her house and found a pair of shoes laying next to her house, later that morning upon leaving.

She went on to tell us how she has been putting them in a bush across the street outside of a church because whoever has been doing this, clearly needs Jesus.

Her husband then took a grocery bag and started hanging the shoes from a tree above the bush, so whoever is doing this can come pick up their shoes. Shoes keep showing up and getting added to the bag, no-one has claimed them or responsibility at this time.

Some shoes look new, while others have tags from local thrift stores on them.

Here is a video with Nikki explaining the whole experience in-depth.

If you know anything about this, please send an anonymous tip to tips@kerrvillebreakingnews.com

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