VIDEO: Hotel employee in Austin tells racist customer politely her room is next door

Credit: Craig L. Brooks Jr. Twitter Account

AUSTIN – A 26- year-old Holiday Inn Express guest services employee, is getting all kinds of respect and recognition across social media for the way he handled a racist customer who called him a slur over the phone.

Craig L. Brooks Jr., the employee at the Holiday Inn Express in Austin, handled the customer’s last-minute reservation over the phone. According to statements, before disconnecting the call the woman on the other end of the line made a very offensive remark, clearly unaware that Brooks was still on the line and could hear her. The woman arrived shortly after, within minutes of ending the conversation, to find her room was no longer available and waiting for her.

In the video the customer is heard arguing with Brooks, pleading about needing the room, at one point stating, “I need to stay here, my mother just died.” Brooks confronts the woman about the language and slur she used, in which she attempts to apologize, Brooks responds with grace, “You weren’t sorry when you said it on the phone.”

The woman and other family members in the lobby beg Brooks to allow the woman to have a room in the Holiday Inn Express with her family who was also staying at the hotel, but Brooks remains strong and responds with, “I understand that but it’s above me now, and the Best Western is next door.”

After his video went viral on social media Brooks posted on Twitter “Just got off the phone with my GM…still employed.”

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