TxDOT urges Texans not to drink and drive

Drinking and driving is not an uncommon sight to see in the Hill Country or in Texas. That is why TxDOT is running their “Faces of Drunk Driving” this summer to coincide with their “Plan While You Can” campaign in hopes of educating Texas citizens of the effects drinking and driving has on the whole community.

The “Plan While You Can” campaign was created to “save lives and decrease alcohol-related crashes by encouraging driver to plan ahead for a sober ride before drinking.” The campaign “Faces of Drunk Driving” is made to raise awareness that drinking and driving takes an “extensive human toll”. Victims of drunk driving also include families and others, often causing a ripple effect in the community.

The photo shown is from the “Faces of Drunk Driving” campaign and features the Stephens family after the loss of their 9-year-old daughter, Jade, who was killed by a drunk driver a few years ago in Austin, TX.

As reported from the Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report (CR-3), processed as of May 8, 2018, “There were 23,773 alcohol-related traffic crashes in Texas, resulting in 1,028 fatalities and 2,171 serious injuries. There were 776 alcohol-related crashes involving drivers whose BAC was less than .08, resulting in 167 fatalities and 146 serious injuries. Alcohol-related traffic crash fatalities represented 28 percent of total traffic crash fatalities in Texas.”

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is a risk to yourself and others. It can and has killed and seriously injured those involved. Fines and fees for drunk driving can be up to $17,000 and could include jail time and the loss of a person’s driver’s license. Alternatives to drinking and driving, as mentioned by TxDOT, include designating a sober driver or calling someone for a sober ride home, contacting a cab or ride-share service, using mass transit, or spending the night where you are.

To hear featured stories from the “Faces of Drunk Driving”, visit the campaign’s website. The community is urged to “Plan While You Can” and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.

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