The city gives tips to residents about conserving water this summer

The Texas summer heat is causing dry conditions and decreasing river flows in the city. Kerrville has provided the community with information and strategies for water conservation, encouraging residents to use their water wisely and conserve as much as possible.

As informed by the City of Kerrville, the following strategies will assist in conservation:

• Suspending injection into our Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR)system;
• Encouraging inside water conservation by initiating a High Flow Commode Rebate
• Encouraging/Educating citizens on irrigation and landscape techniques to conserve

“This week the City has stopped storing surface water in the ASR system. This will allow more water to stay in the river which helps to maintain a healthy river system.”

“As rains return and river flows increase, we can then begin storing water in our ASR system again,” City of Kerrville Water Production Superintendent Grant Terry said. “To date, we have stored 1,023 million gallons in the system and can utilize this water, if needed, as water demand increases and the river flow continues to decrease.”

The city “encourages citizens to practice good stewardship by finding ways to conserve water, not only outside of your home but inside as well. To assist citizens with this, the city has initiated a high-flow toilet replacement program. For each high-flow commode that is replaced with a low flow model, citizens can qualify for a $75 rebate on their water bill. For details of the program, please visit the city’s website.”

“While planting trees and plants are beneficial to any landscape, it is also important to keep in mind the required maintenance needed to sustain healthy growth. You may want to start by creating a healthy, low maintenance design and follow these helpful tips:

• Sketch your yard to locate existing structures, trees, shrubs, and grass areas;
• Take note of slopes and consider buffer zones to absorb water and prevent runoff;
• Group together plants that require the same watering needs to prevent overwatering;
• Select a variety of native plants which require less water and adds diversity.

Along with these helpful tips on the selection of plants and trees, another key factor in maintaining an environmentally sound landscape is to evaluate your watering methods. By
having a well- planned watering schedule in place, you can do your part to conserve, and it can actually save you some money. Here are some helpful tips to consider when evaluating your watering methods for plants, trees, and lawns:

• Check for leaks or broken sprinkler heads;
• Adjust sprinkler heads to avoid watering sidewalks, driveways, or other hard surfaces;
• Check your settings periodically to make sure system is running as needed;
• Watering in the middle of the day causes evaporation and loss of water;
• Overwatering leaches nutrients away from plant roots and causes runoff;
• Under watering can be wasteful because it doesn’t alleviate any drought stress.

The city is currently under Year-Round Water Conservation Measures (YRWCM) and is closely watching our ever-changing supply and demand. Under YRWCM there is no lawn irrigation with potable water between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.”

The city of Kerrville concludes their message to say, “Let’s all do our part to protect our water resources. It is one of our most precious resources.”

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