VIDEO: Texas City police officer asks breastfeeding mother to leave swimming pool after not covering up

TEXAS CITY – A video released by the Texas City Police Department has surfaced online regarding a mother breastfeeding her 10-month-old baby at a city-owned swimming pool.

In the video, taken on June 9 at the Nessler Park Family Aquatic Center located at 1700 5th Ave. N, it appears that the police officer was called to the scene by the pool manager. You can hear the manager tell the officer that a mother was breastfeeding her child and after staff confronted her, she began cursing at them.

The officer proceeds to go speak to the mother by the poolside. When he asked her what happened, she stated, “I was feeding my baby! The manager came over and said I need to leave. I said to show me where the rules are that say that.”

She stated that she did not cuss anyone out, she just wanted to feed her baby.

“The baby was on one breast and she had both of them out,” said the manager.

While the manager and a staff member were discussing with the police officer if the woman should leave, the staff member urged that that’s what he wanted. The officer then asked the patron to leave.

Visibly upset, the woman grabbed her things and appeared to leave the location.

When the officer went to speak to the manager again, she said, “I appreciate you coming. We deal with a lot out here.”

The officer said, “If you need to feed your family, go sit under a blanket or something.”

The manager replied, “I know people breastfeed and stuff…”

“Yeah, that’s all fine and dandy but go sit in the chair and cover-up. Don’t sit there with both of your t**s out,” interrupted the officer.

The officer then left the scene. No additional information regarding this incident has been released at this time.

The video can be seen below. The faces have been blurred out to protect their identity.

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