Stolen vehicle connected to Maleah Davis’ disappearance found in parking lot by citizen


HOUSTON – The missing silver Nissan Altima that was said to be stolen during the alleged carjacking and kidnapping involving missing 4-year-old Maleah Davis has been located by police at a parking lot in the 5400 block of State Highway 6 in Missouri City, according to the Houston Police Department.

A citizen noticed the vehicle and called the police, stated an investigator with HPD.

HPD reported that the license plate number on the found vehicle matches the license plate number of the stolen vehicle.

An investigator stated that, upon an initial investigation of the sedan, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary, calling it “clean”.

It was said that the vehicle will be towed for further investigation.

The HPD investigator who spoke during a media update stated that police have recently been unsuccessful in their attempts to contact the stepfather, Darion Vence, for additional information. They wish to collaborate with him in hopes that a sketch artist can create an image of the suspects.

“You would think that if your loved one is missing that you would be coming forward. [Vence] may have a legitimate reason, I haven’t spoken to him,” said the investigator in the media update.

Police said that they will search through surveillance footage from the businesses surrounding the area where the car was found to see if any suspects can be seen or identified.

The investigator added, “Just keep praying that we find her safe and sound.”

Due to the weather, the foot search for Maleah has been suspended temporarily but police are still actively searching for the girl.

Anyone with information regarding Maleah Davis’ whereabouts is asked to contact the police and provide as much information as possible.


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