Sixth case of rabies is confirmed in Kerr County, at Ingram high school

April 22, 2018

There have been six rabies cases found in Kerr County so far in 2018, according to Kerr County Animal Services. The latest case was confirmed on April 19th at Tom Moore High School.

On April 17th, a bat was collected by Kerr County Animal Services at Tom Moore High School in Ingram. A student found a dead bat on campus and one confirmed exposure between the dead bat and a student was reported. The bat was collected and positive results from the laboratory were received on April 19th.

The fifth case of rabies was found on April 14 on Bluebonnet Drive. This case also came from a dead bat. The bat is believed to have been killed by one or more of three dogs. The bat was sent to be tested on April 16th and it was determined on April 18th that the bat was too destroyed for testing. Any animal suspected of rabies that is deemed untestable is always considered as being positive for rabies.

The fourth case of rabies was discovered in a raccoon on Elm Way. Animal Services reports that neighborhood residents noticed a raccoon that was acting strangely. The residents shot the raccoon and informed KCAS of the incident. The same day, March 30th, the animal was collected by Kerr County Animal Services. Testing on the raccoon wasn’t done immediately as there was no known human or pet exposure to the animal. Later, an individual informed Animal Services that her dog had contact with the raccoon on March 30th. The raccoon was then submitted for testing on April 10 and the positive result was given to KCAS by the laboratory on April 12.

Rabies can be common in wild animals in the Hill Country so it is important for the community to be aware that having any contact with non-vaccinated animals can be dangerous. Please be cautious if you spot an injured or dead animal, don’t touch it and contact Kerr County Animal Services immediately at 830-257-3100.

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