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Man in police custody for allegedly assaulting pregnant girlfriend because he thought she was unfaithful

Credit: Bexar County Sheriff's Office/Bing Image

SAN ANTONIO – 24-year-old Charleston Grogan is in police custody after allegations of abusing his girlfriend.

According to arrest documents, Grogan and his pregnant girlfriend, along with her other children, had been living together in the apartment.

Charleston Grogan
Credit: Bexar County Sheriff’s Office

Grogan and his girlfriend have been together for at least a year and she is reportedly 6 months pregnant with his child.

Officials state that the victim was home in the evening of Sunday, September 8th when the alleged attack occurred.

The victim told police that Grogan allegedly pounced on top of her while she was lying in bed and attempted to strangle her.

According to the reports, the assault did not stop there, the victim told police Grogan then allegedly shoved her off the mattress causing her to land on her stomach and while on the ground he apparently hit and kicked her.

Grogan left the apartment before officers could arrive.

Upon arrival, officers at the apartment apparently documented marks on the victim, around her neck, and on her body, supporting the alleged claims of the attack.

Police documents indicate that Grogan allegedly assaulted the victim because he believed that she may have been unfaithful and cheated on him.

Grogan is currently being held on a $10,000 bond and is apparently charged with Assault of a Pregnant Person.

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