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Bexar County officials warn that San Antonio area is a ‘hotbed of human trafficking’

BEXAR COUNTY – While speaking at Last Chance Ministries on Saturday, the Bexar County Sheriff, the FBI, and Ransomed Life discussed the human trafficking issue that San Antonio faces.

It was stated by Javier Salazar, BCSO Sheriff, that those who have children should be concerned about this topic and do everything they can to keep their children safe.

“We’re a hotbed of human trafficking here, whether we want to believe it or not,” said Salazar.

A mother who was in the audience with her 12-year-old daughter voiced her concerns saying, “A human trafficker can come in any form.”

Sheriff Salazar added that now is the time to do something about the issue before it happens again.

“In reality, only about one to one and a half percent of these victims are ever recovered or ever seen again,” stated the sheriff.

According to the Alamo Area Coalition Against Trafficking, the following signs of possible human trafficking can include:

  • The child is a chronic runaway
  • Changes in the child’s attendance habits at school
  • Changes in the child’s apparent economic circumstances (new clothes, purses, manicures, etc.)
  • Changes in the child’s interest (no longer interested in sports, extra-curricular activities)
  • Changes in the child’s vocabulary, manner, and demeanor
  • Changes in physical appearance or unexplained injuries

The Bexar County Human Trafficking Task Force was created by the Bexar County Criminal District Attorney’s Office as a way to combat these types of crimes.

“This unit prosecutes those accused of exploiting adults who are made to engage in sex or labor by force, fraud or coercion, and children who are made to engage in sex by any means,” said the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office.

More information about human trafficking can be found on the District Attorney’s website.

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