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Rabies cases three and four confirmed in Kerr County, officials advise residents to vaccinate their pets


KERR COUNTY – Four cases of rabies have now been confirmed in Kerr County, according to Kerr County Animal Services.

The third case was discovered after a fox was exhibiting abnormal behavior in the 1900 block of Thurman Street in Kerrville. KCAS stated that officers captured the fox and submitted it for rabies testing on the same day, Wednesday, August 28.

It was reported by KCAS Director Reagan Givens that the fox was in a property owner’s yard and had bitten their cat so, as part of their protocol, the cat was quarantined and observed for symptoms.

“We believe the fox had been wandering Thurman Street and the adjacent areas,” said Givens. “Because of that, we would strongly advise anyone who lives in the immediate area and who owns a cat or dog kept outside to contact their veterinarian and apprise them of the situation.”

The fourth case of rabies in Kerr County was confirmed on September 6 in a bat, along with the previous two cases that occurred in the month of August, said Kerr County Animal Services.

Givens advised residents to protect their pets by vaccinating them saying, “ Make sure you keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date to protect them against rabies.”

As stated by a Kerr County Commissioners’ Court order, a pet owner must have a dog or cat vaccinated by the time the animal turns 4 months old and vaccines should be given at least once every three years.

The court order also says that pet owners must be able to provide a vaccination certificate that lists the pet owner’s name, address, and telephone number. The certificate should also include the pet’s name, sex, age, weight, species, breed, and color along with a veterinarian’s signature and license number.

“Texas law stated that unvaccinated dogs and cats bitten by a known rabid animal should be destroyed immediately. If the owner is unwilling to have this done, the animal should be vaccinated and placed in strict isolation for 90 days and given booster vaccinations during the third and eighth weeks of isolation,” stated KCAS. “If the animal is currently vaccinated, it should be revaccinated immediately and restrained (leashing and confinement) for 45 days.”

More information about rabies can found by contacting Kerr County Animal Services at 830-257-3100 or by calling the Zoonosis Control in San Antonio at 210-949-2048.



Kerr County announces first confirmed animal rabies case for 2019

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