Rabbits don’t lay eggs…do they?

March 31, 2018

It’s the day before Easter and the Easter bunny is busy planning for his trip across the county, to bring the local kids candy-filled eggs. Have you ever wondered why there is an Easter bunny and where the lore came from? As it turns out, there are few different myths behind the story of the Easter bunny.

One lore says that the Easter bunny evolves from a mythic German goddess named Ostara, or Eastre. Eastre represented the rising of the sun and fertility. She was a friend of children and to entertain them she would change their pets into bunnies. The bunnies would bring brightly colored eggs as gifts to the children. However, it is believed that this lore could be made up by a monk going as far back as 750 A.D. to bring more attention to the “Greatest story of all time.”

Other Easter bunny lore states that he actually lays the eggs, decorates, fills the eggs with treats and put them in his basket to hide the night before Easter. He is said to do this as a symbol of new life.

Whatever the lore is, whatever your religion may be, Easter Sunday always comes down to enjoying time being together with your family and friends. Kerrville Breaking News would like to wish all of our readers and supporters a very Happy Easter filled with sunshine and fun.

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