Public advised to ‘let lying deer lie’ this spring

Every year, around this time, does are giving birth to fawns. As previously posted on Buck Wild Rescue & Wildlife Rehab’s Facebook, they are trying to educate the community to leave fawns alone if you see one by themselves.

“Whitetailed deer baby season in here so we want to educate the ones who may not know this. Just because you see a baby fawn laying down somewhere does not mean it’s an orphan. Most likely it’s not. Please allow 12 hours before touching a baby deer. People assume they have been left behind not realizing the mama will be back.

Whitetail babies are hard to bottlefeed and taking them from the wild only gives them a 50% chance to live. There are too many baby deer every year that get accidentally brought into rehab by people who assume they are without a mama then the rehabs are overwhelmed with many babies that do not want to take the bottle so people hurt these little ones thinking they’re helping.

Please don’t touch the deer, make a game plan first. Feel free to call Buck Wild Rescue & Wildlife Rehab at 830-739-1363 with any questions before touching the deer. Most likely it will be better off left alone.”

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