Police standoff ends in two men dead and one woman wounded

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SAN ANTONIO – Tuesday, April 16th, police responded to a residence on Belden Avenue around 4 p.m. about a domestic dispute where a man was abusing his wife.

“He beat her up very, very severely,” according to San Antonio Police Chief William McManus

The wife fled the home, the man set the residence on fire and started shooting. McManus stated that the husband shot and killed a neighbor who lived across the street that was attempting to help his wife.

McManus stated, “We understand that there might have been a history between them. He shot and killed that individual.”

Upon SWAT arrival, the husband laid down on the porch and the officer continued to fire until he was shot.

“He was a threat and that’s what caused the SWAT officer to shoot him. He may well have been dead already,” stated McManus.

Due to the shooting, firefighters had to refrain from battling the blaze, destroying the residence at 217 Belden and causing damage next door. Shooting needed to cease before the fire department could safely put a stop to the fire without risk gunfire.

“We were waiting for an all-clear from SWAT because until the suspect is down, we’re not going to attack the fire. We don’t want to become a victim,” said San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood.

The two men are dead and the woman was severely injured from this incident.

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