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Dear Editor,

I am writing you about a health and safety concern for the citizens of Kerr County. I believe once given the facts attached you will be as concerned about the safety of you, your loved ones, and your fellow citizens of Kerrville enough to get this information to the community. Or at least I hope you will.

Below I will show you just a few of the proofs that these so-called “Smart Meters” are indeed dangerous to the health and wellbeing of Humans, Animals, and plant life.  Not only because they are known for catching on fire (an internet search will prove thousands have caught on fire) but because of the Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation, as well as, the Dirty Electricity they omit produced by the (Switch mode power supply) that converts AC current to DC.


Citizens of Kerrville tried to plead to the City Council and the Members of the City Council refused to listen. They stated that the meters are no more dangerous than a cell phone. I will prove that to be false.  The “Smart Meter” that omits an extremely large amount of radiation (20,000 units). Not to mention the extremely dangerous “Dirty Electricity” omitted by the smart meter to compound the dangers of the radiation.

In Austin, they have an “opt-out” option that carries a cost of $10.00 a month.  Here in Kerrville KPUB wants to penalize the people who want to protect their health with a $20.00 a month fee.  They say it is for an employee to come out and read the meter.  My question is if they are not charging us now to read the meter because it is in the cost of our electricity why then would we have to pay after refusing the “smart meters”?  Could this be a fee to deter people from opting out?  I know that this would be a financial burden on many people in Kerr County.  Why should the people struggling to pay their bills not have the option to protect their health and wellbeing?  Could it be the Utilities punish customers and try to deter them with a financial penalty?  I do not consent to this Federally funded “voluntary” program and I do not accept the alternative of extortion. How do you have the nerve to charge someone for something they do not want? Just like Obamacare. An “Opt Out” is agreeing to extortion. Len Miller, Police Officer VPD, retired says that this is extortion and it is a criminal offense.

This is what I expected in California but how is it that my fellow Texans have forgotten how to fight.  What would your Grandparents have done if a Large Corporation tried to force something on them in the name of profit and then attempt to extort them if they refused? (Correction: KPUB just told me that you can only opt out of tracking but that they are going to put a smart meter on every house no matter what)

It is called implied consent. If you stay silent than the utilities have the legal right to rape your individual personal rights.  They will only get away with it if you do nothing.

My hope and prayer is that once given the truth in the facts below that the people of Kerr County will rise up and fight this injustice and not allow KPUB to install these meters and therefore no one will have to pay an extra $240 a year on their electric bill.  What about all the people that can’t afford to opt out. I for one have been pushed far enough by Local, State, and Federal Governments and Large private corporations that extort the public. This is all so KPUB can get even richer off of us and without caring that its done at the expense of our health. Dr. Laura Pressley who practices in Austin Texas said that people have gotten brain cancer from smart meters. I am saying enough is enough. NO MORE! Texas is one of more than 35 States that have active groups fighting back and are criminalizing the installation of these “Smart Meters”

There are multiple dangers of smart meters:

1.) They catch fire – many have died or lost pets in these fires – Hundreds of them simultaneously exploded in one town alone – (Stockton, CA – April 2015)

2.) They emit a dangerous amount of radiation causing brain cancer, and seizers according to Dr. Pressley in Austin

3.) The converter causes a large amount of dirty electricity causing health problems and your bill to go up

4.) They have a code that tracks each and every appliance you use and when you use it and how often you use it and they sell that information to a third party.

5.) PG&E own these smart meters and if you saw the movie Erin Brockovich than you know one out of many horrible things PG&E has done to the American people. (killed many – they call it “acceptable amount of loss”)

6.) It is a government-funded program with our taxpayer money that Obama put into effect.

7.)People have had their electricity turned off and refused service over refusing to have a smart meter installed on their home and many others have been arrested to intimidate others into complying.

Brady Texas won the war on smart meters so did Camp Wood why are the people of Kerrville so complaisant? They aren’t even fighting at all let alone winning.  I think they aren’t even aware of what they are. I am asking you to please help get the word out and help save Kerrville. Search internet for smart meters Brady Texas you will get newspaper articles to verify this and I spoke personally with the woman who led the fight I can give you her number. The NY Times even did an article on Brady. There are 23 other Counties in TX fighting smart meters right now.

Here are some links to show how bad it has gotten:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S57mrknMajY – Dr. in Austin TX says causes seizers and brain cancer

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ltzcw70Iujg – people arrested for refusing meter

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvjEk_LDwys – utility will not pay for fire damage from smart meter

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnxIoItNUek – former employee tells how PG&E knows it starts fires

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qrl1KSMr5M – smart meters track you – no privacy – video says they track every hour it’s now every 15 min not hour

Here is a link to the Public Utility Commission of Texas that shows you have to be given a right to opt out if you are a public utility and not a municipality.


KPUB told me that I had no option to opt out. They said I could have them not track my usage of how when and why I use my appliances (for a fee of $20.00 a month) but that they were going to put a smart meter on every house no matter what and I could not opt out.

Here is a link to a website that helps people with legal documents and other sources to get rid of their smart meters: http://freedomtaker.com/

Rick D. Hallbeck interviewed over 70 people in 4 different counties about smart meters published a Youtube video in 2017 titled “Smart” Meters- Must See. Here is the video:


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