Opinion: Event planners need to learn how to plan

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Memorial Day weekend. Lots of tourists in town. So instead of putting the Arts and Crafts Fair out at the Ag Barn where access is easy, parking is plentiful, and a large air conditioned facility is available, we close down parts of Water Street. There is only one bathroom on Water Street that is not located in a business. I understand trying to funnel business to the downtown area. However, it seems like the planners forgot that this is TEXAS.

By 10:00 am it is HOT. When people get hot, they tend to not stay outside for very long. Walking in and out of stores gets really old when you are hit with 90+ degrees every time you go out the door. Pretty soon you just give up and leave. Next, let’s talk about advertising for ANY events in the area. Basically, there is none. It is almost as if ‘they’ don’t want you to know what is going on in the area. Lots of ‘best kept secrets.’ If we are going to be a tourist town, then the leaders need to own it, and push all the great things there are to do here.

When the budget of the CVB is cut, what does that say? The hotels and restaurants in this town depend on events to bring business here. When you cut the budget, you are basically saying that you don’t care if people come here or not. Tourists can be frustrating. As a twenty-plus year employee at a local hotel, I definitely understand. But, they are what keep myself and the other employees of the aforementioned hotels and restaurants working.

This area has a lot to offer, but when the Visitor’s Guide is more of a throwaway insert of the paper, and the real estate wish books are professionally prepared, it is pretty obvious what is more important. I am going to bring up the “F” word-Fredericksburg. There, the mentality is ‘come on down, spend your money, have a great time, then go home.’ Here, it feels almost like if you can con someone/anyone to move here and pay taxes, then it is a win for the city. Not so much.

There is always something going on in Fredericksburg. There is almost always something going on here in Kerrville. The difference-people KNOW there is always something going on in Fredericksburg. Maybe we can learn something from them.

-Jody Heinen


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