NOAA: July marks hottest month since 1880

NATIONWIDE – It was announced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that July was the hottest month on record since 1880 with the average global temperatures being 62.13 degrees, 1.71 degrees over the 20th-century average.

NOAA stated that the most notable temperature differences were in Alaska, central Europe, northern and southwestern parts Asia, parts of Africa, and parts of Australia.


The record in July 2016 was beat this July by .05 degrees, cites NOAA, and according to the organization, out of the 10 hottest Julys that have occurred since 2005, the last five Julys have been the hottest ever.

NOAA added that this July marked the 43rd consecutive July and the 415th consecutive month that had above-average global temperatures on record, stating that June 2019 was also the hottest June on record.


NOAA reported that the hottest full year on record occurred in 2016, however, scientists are predicting that 2019 will make the top-five hottest years, likely becoming the second hottest year on record.

According to NOAA officials, the heat has caused the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice to shrink to historic lows making it the smallest coverage in the 41 years of records.


Although there have been record-setting temperatures around the world, NOAA said that parts of Scandinavia and western and eastern Russia were at least 2.7 degrees F below average.

More information regarding the recorded temperatures is available on NOAA.

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