No injuries in Center Point quarry fire

It was just before 9pm when witnesses say that they saw bright flashes from what was described as an electrical structure fire at a quarry on the 100 block of Sutherland Rd. At least 2 fire departments were on scene. Center Point VFD and Turtle Creek VFD as well as Kerr County Sheriff Deputies and DPS.

When KBN arrived on scene, firefighters had the flames of the blaze extinguished, with smoke still rising from a torched small building believed to be an electrical power hub that powers equipment used at the quarry.

Here’s a video that shows the firefighters hard at work, making sure that the fire is 100% out.

🔥🔥 Get details about the fire here 🔥🔥 -> http://kerrvillebreakingnews.com/breaking-news/no-injuries-in-center-point-quarry-fire/

Posted by Texas Breaking News on Saturday, March 3, 2018

Side note:

The level of professionalism was extremely high by all first responders, and it was apparent that all first responders were trained very well, knew exactly what to do next and acted as a safe, well rehearsed team.

These men and women go out and put their lives on the line to keep all members of the community safe and are true heroes.

Next time you see a first responder of any type, please shake their hand and give them a thank you for what they do.

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