More dogs found dumped at Exit 527, Kendall County Animal Shelter requests any helpful information

May 3, 2018

As previously reported, many dogs are being found that were dumped at Exit 527. Kendall County Animal Shelter stated that 8 dogs had been found as of April 24.

According to a post on Facebook by Kendall County Animal Shelter from May 2, two more pit bull type dogs have been found at Exit 527.

A brindle and white male and a black and white female were picked up. The female had recently weaned puppies but they were unable to catch the puppies.

Kendall County Animal Shelter also included in their post, “yesterday at the westbound rest stop just before exit 527 we picked up one deceased red male pit bull type dog that had been shot in the head at the rest stop, the dog had no other wounds than one bullet wound.”

They also stated that they are unsure if the newly found dogs are connected to the other 8 dogs that were previously found.

If you have any information about the individual(s) who may be responsible for the dumped dogs found on Exit 527, as well as the dog who was found shot at the rest stop, please contact the Kendall County Animal Shelter immediately at 830-537-3430.

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