Man forcefully pushes inside residence, shoots homeowner as he attempts to escape

Credit: San Antonio Police Department/ Bing Image

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Police Department has arrested a man for allegedly forcing he way into a residence and shooting the homeowner as he attempted to escape.

28-year-old Kolbee Trammell was taken into police custody, according to an arrest warrant from August 3rd, Trammell apparently knocked on the victim’s door and stated he was searching for someone named “Michael.”

Kolbee Trammel
Credit: San Antonio Police Department

The reports state the victim informed Trammell no one by the name of “Michael” lived at the residence, at that point Trammell apparently pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot. According to police, Trammell apparently grabbed the homeowner and held him at gunpoint while he searched the home.

The homeowner was able to run off and escape just before, according to an affidavit, Trammell started firing.

Officials state that the victim has never seen Trammell before the incident and was able to identify him in a photo ID lineup.

Currently, Trammell is facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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