Man allegedly stabs girlfriend’s dog with a hunting knife and breaks its teeth with pliers

Credit: San Antonio Police Department

SAN ANTONIO – On Friday, August 16th, San Antonio Police arrested a man who has been charged with acts of animal cruelty.

Vernon Ortiz, age 40, allegedly attacked a dog, which belonged to his girlfriend, for urinating on its bed.

Shannon Sims, Assistant Director for Animal Care Services, stated ACS received a call about the animal cruelty when officers arrived at the residence they discovered the dog suffering from facial injuries. According to Sims, with further examination of the canine, officers found the dog also had injuries with its teeth.

Credit: San Antonio Police Department

“As we did the investigation, we found the 40-year-old suspect, it appears, had assaulted the animal with a 6-inch hunting knife,” Sims said. “In addition to that, he had also used pliers to break off the canines of the animal to keep it from biting him.”

Credit: San Antonio Police Department

Police state the dog’s name is Cosmo, Sims has explained that Cosmo is a “docile animal.”

Ortiz confessed to the abuse after he was placed in police custody and is currently charged with a third-degree felony for animal cruelty to include torture and will face jail time if found guilty, according to Sims.

The San Antonio Police Department shared the pictures of Cosmo’s injuries, he is back in the custody of Ortiz’s girlfriend and is recovering.

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