KISD Superintendent attempts to deny Kerrville Breaking News rights to KISD press releases

The good old boy network is alive and well in Kerrville, at least with KISD and the local newspapers. In an email sent to Kerrville Breaking News publisher Rebekah Strickland today, Kerrville ISD plainly refused to send Kerrville Breaking News press releases, stating that they would only send them to Kerrville Daily Times and Hill Country Community Journal.

By stating that, they basically said that the Kerrville community could only get press release information if they paid to get the news from one of the local newspapers. That brings this question to light. “Should the community have to pay to know what is happening in their childrens’ schools?” While other media sources charge for news, Kerrville Breaking News is entirely free for readers and the entire community, so why wouldn’t Kerrville Independent School District want to show transparency and utilize this new media format?

Here is the email sent to Rebekah Strickland this morning.

Kerrville Breaking News and Golden Hills Marketing president, Mike Taylor called Glenda Kelley personally to ask her why KISD would exclude KBN and all other media outlets from receiving press releases, other than KDT and HCCJ. All questions were only answered with the repeated line, “We only send press releases to KDT and HCCJ”. Mike left a message for the superintendent to call him back, and he was called back later in the day by Dr. Mark Foust. He basically repeated the same line over and over again as well.

Every other school district that we request information from, sends it to us promptly. Why should a public entity, funded by our tax dollars, be able to pick and choose which news media outlets to send information to?

Is this acceptable to you? Should you have to pay to get information regarding the schools in your community? If you want to see information from KISD on KerrvilleBreakingNews.com, please email glenda.kelley@kerrvilleisd.net or call 830-257-2200 ext. 1011 and leave a message if no-one answers.

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