KISD adds press releases to website, KBN makes correction to article

Now the entire community can access press releases instantly on the Kerrville Independent School District website. Just over a week ago, KISD had denied KBN press releases, due to, what they had said, was an inaccurate article.

In a long phone conversation between Dr. Mark Foust, Superintendent for KISD schools, and Kerrville Breaking News President, Mike Taylor, the voices on both ends of the phone call conveyed to each other that they both wanted what is best for our kids, our schools, our teachers, our parents and our entire community.

The entire miscommunication leading to this started in March of 2018, when KBN published a story based off of a letter to parents, in which Tivy High School principal Shelby Balser asked parents to talk to their kids about what they post on social media. In this letter, it was stated that there was “no specific threat” to Tivy High School, but an “inappropriate social media post.” Mike Taylor called KISD Media Specialist Holly Vogt, trying to get more information out of her, but was unable to get any more information than what the letter said at face value.

KBN published the story, based on outcries from concerned parents in the area. This story did make it seem like a threat was made to Tivy High School, but after learning of the inaccuracy in the story yesterday, and reassured that there was no actual threat, the article has been corrected. Click here for the original story.

Dr. Mark Foust did say yesterday that KISD has nothing to hide and that KISD prides its self on showing transparency to the community. He said that it is his first year at KISD, and that it hasn’t been the easiest, but he loves this community and is very proud to be part of the KISD organization. He said that while some people out there (Not at KISD) like to sweep things under the rug, he is transparent and while it might not always be pleasant, he lets the community know what is happening at his school district.

Kerrville Breaking News is committed to transparency for the community as well. While it has never been and is not our intention to ever report inaccurate news, we care deeply about our community and will always make sure that you are made aware of what is happening in our surroundings, especially when it comes to our kids.

While the relationship between KBN and KISD might have been rocky over the past week and a half, all is well now between both entities and two milestones have been reached. KISD has made press releases public for all to read for free, and KBN is now able to report the news based off of factual information from KISD press releases.

The Kerrville Breaking News staff is very excited and looks forward to working with KISD in the future.

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