KBN POLL: Should KISD Arm Teachers, Install Classroom Safe Rooms or should Congress ban Assault Style Weapons?

Columbine was the first major school shooting that I can remember. Of us that were alive and can remember, that day was a very somber day in American history. Of course, nothing really changed law wise afterward, but the imprints of those images of that school still remain in most of our heads today.

Fast forward to Sandy Hook in 2012. Myself and Jimmy Hill were at the Kerrville VA visiting veterans when we looked over and saw the images of the elementary school that had just been invaded with an evil spirit.

Now, we are just days after the Parkland High shooting in Florida and that leaves many of us saying, when will this end? We do know, regarding the shooting in Florida that several levels of law enforcement failed. The FBI was aware that the kid had made death threats online (which is a felony) and I believe, 4 local law enforcement officers (including the school resource officers) stood outside waiting for backup while the shooter was allowed to roam free in the high school shooting students.

Should we Arm Teachers?

President Trump and conservative leaders are saying that arming teachers is the solution. In fact, the Florida Senate just rejected a proposed ban on assault style rifles and voted to arm teachers. Medina ISD and Rock Springs ISD arm their teachers and that seems to be working just fine. But what about arming teachers at every single school? Is that a viable solution?

Should we Install Safe Rooms?

Local resident Kim Coffee brought this to our attention yesterday. Schools in Oklahoma are installing bullet-proof safe rooms for students to shelter into in case of an active shooter situation. Though costly, these could be a solution.

Is Gun Control The Answer?

Then we get into the age-old gun control debate. Now former President Bill Clinton signed into law, the Federal Assault Weapons Ban in 1994. This ban was a 10 year ban that expired in 2004, which outlawed semi-automatic assault style rifles. However, 5 years into the ban in 1999, there was Columbine, where there were no assault style rifles used, but a rifle, a semi-automatic pistol, 2 sawed off shotguns and bombs were used to murder 13 and injure 21 others. Some might argue that if they had used assault style rifles, they could have harmed a lot more people in that massacre.

Never the less, this is an extremely important issue, which could someday directly affect our children or their children right here in Kerrville. Something needs to be done, but what?

Make your voice heard by voting in the poll below, then leave a comment to explain why you voted this way. Together, we can make our voice be heard…

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