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UPDATE: 03/17/2018

Bonnie White still hasn’t sent us any information about her campaign, and we requested it about a month ago. We are seeing more Bonnie White signs around Kerrville and these signs don’t look weathered, like the sign that we reported on a few weeks back. It’s becoming more and more apparent that Mayor White might actually be interested in another term as mayor of Kerrville.

But, we are still waiting to hear, why she would like to serve as mayor for another term. There is literally, nothing that we can find ANYWHERE that states what Bonnie White plans to do for Kerrville if she gets a second term.

Now, while this article might seem contrary to the next statement, as well the original story below, it is not. We are not choosing sides in this election, neither do we align ourselves with any political party or affiliation. We are just merely stating the facts. Here are a few campaign strategies that have been known to win elections with little to no effort from candidates.

The Common Name Strategy

We’ve learned that common names sometimes win elections. For instance, there was a senator named Charlie Brown who won a primary to run as Democratic mayor in Tennessee in 2014. In this election, we have Bonnie White VS Bill Blackburn. Which name would you pick if you knew nothing about either.

The First Name on the Ballot Strategy

Then there is also this part of the education factor. If you want to win an election, put your name first on the ballot. Research has proven that in low voter education elections, low voter turnout, like this one could turn out to be if people don’t get involved, the first name on the ballot usually wins.

The point is, know who you’re voting for. We plan on attaining as much information from both candidates and asking the tough questions to both over the next 6 weeks, then presenting them in an unbiased manner to you.

As always, thank you for being a part of the Kerrville Breaking News family.

Original Story: 3/8/2018

With the primaries over, the focus now shifts to the May 5th Mayoral election. It’s becoming apparent, that we only have one candidate who is serious about being elected, and that candidate is challenger Bill Blackburn.

When we asked Mayor Bonnie White to send us just a few paragraphs, so that we could do a write up for her, she replied, saying that she had a lot on her plate at the moment, but would surely work on it. That was February 19th. We’ve also noticed that it looks like her campaign’s only form of advertising is one sign, which sits at Five Points in Kerrville, and is weathered like it was used in another campaign. Maybe she thinks that she is a shoe-in? Or has she already given up? Here’s a link to her page on the city’s website.

We do, have this video though, where explains what it was like where she grew up. We can only assume that she grew up in Kerrville, since she graduated from Tivy High School.


Bill Blackburn, on the other hand, just printed 500 more yard signs and has a website chocked full of information about his past in Kerrville, touting his long list of accomplishments, found at billblackburnforkerrville.com. He seems to have a growing base and a lot of momentum. Some are saying that he would be “a breath of fresh air” for Kerrville.

When we reached out to Bill Blackburn last month, within an hour he replied with this statement.

“Here are my basic reasons for running for Mayor.

Deana and I have lived here for almost thirty four years, and we love this community. We raised our two child here, and we have both been involved in community service for all of these years.

Positive, forward leadership in Kerrville is needed at this time.

I believe Kerrville is at critical juncture as seen in the growth we will almost certainly see. In light of that we need to do very good planning and implementation so that we protect the water resources and the natural beauty of the area while preserving our history and the small town feel.

I think the City’s Comprehensive Plan will be huge as a road map for the future.

Some of the things I want to focus on are the following:

• a fiscally conservative approach

• more opportunities for young people

• affordable housing

• a strong business climate including a business incubator

• bringing people together to solve problems and seize opportunities

Finally, I want to work with the City Council and the City Manager as a team where there is a spirit of unity even when there are differences.

Bill Blackburn”

What do you think? Since this election is the main focus now, who should be the next mayor of Kerrville?

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