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Inmate in ICE custody discovered dead from alleged suicide at Liberty County Jail

Credit: Liberty County Jail/Bing Image

LIBERTY COUNTY – According to Captain Ken DeFoor, the spokesperson for the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, an inmate being detained by ICE while housed in the Liberty County Jail has died from an alleged suicide.

35-year-old Cristian David Sarmiento was discovered in his cell, dead, on Thursday, September 12th a little after 5 p.m. during a routine cell check performed by staff.

Cristian David Sarmiento
Credit: Liberty County Jail

Reports from officials indicate that Sarmiento was apparently discovered with bedsheets wrapped around his neck made into a noose and he allegedly hung himself.

Back on Sunday, August 4th, Sarmiento was arrested for the alleged charge of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

Sarmiento was facing deportation for the apparent charge and had already been arrested on alleged previous DWI charges on July 6th.

At this time, Texas Rangers will be investigating Sarmiento’s death to determine the possibility of the incident while he was ICE and Liberty County Jail custody.

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