Hunt VFD gears up for upcoming Community Day, shares details about their new station renovations

Hunt VFD is hosting a Community Day on Saturday, June 2. This is their big annual fundraiser and they aim to show the community their newly renovated fire station.

The President of the Hunt VFD, Bob Taylor, took the time to meet with HCBN and discuss a few of the details regarding the renovations, as well as the Community Day being put on by the department.

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According to Taylor, about a year ago, the department decided to embark on their long-term plan for the station and the volunteers. They sought to renovate the station and replace the aging equipment. The Hunt VFD also wanted to improved training for the volunteers and response times.

Their first step was to rewrite the bylaws to help the department work more efficiently and effectively.

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They have purchased new vehicles, which will be on display this Saturday. Their coverage area, 151 square miles, now has a combined total of 13 firefighting vehicles.

Taylor explains that they have placed vehicles in certain locations around their coverage area to ensure a quicker response time.

With the renovations, their vehicle bay has been increased to accommodate more vehicles.

Bob Taylor showed HCBN the new trucks they have acquired over the last two years.

The first truck shown was described as a “fast attack brush truck”. It is used to get to fires quickly.

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The next truck Taylor shows to HCBN is a mini pumper, for use at a structure fire.

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After that, a bigger truck was seen. This truck is able to store a lot of equipment. It also has a big pump and places to stand on in the back to assist in putting out grass fires. The truck holds over 1,000 gallons of water.

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There was one more truck being stored in the equipment bay. The truck was a big tanker able to hold 2,500 gallons of water and had a water cannon on top as well as sprayers.

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Also included in the interview, it was stated that the department plans on getting more new trucks soon.

To help fill their trucks with water, they have added a 20,000-gallon rain storage tank on the outside with money from a grant.

Taylor explains, “Every drop of rain that comes off the roof will go into the tank.  Once I get it set up, the water then will be pumped into a fill stand. The firefighters will be able to drive their truck up to the fill station, press a button, fill up the truck and hit the road.”

He also says that they have will place a second 20,000 rainwater storage tank next to the current one.

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“We don’t have fire hydrants out here and the river can be hard to get to because of the bridges and traffic so we try to store as much as we can.”

If the fire department is next to a river, Taylor says that they have floating pumps that feed water to the trucks.

The volunteer fire department has also built a 1,700 square foot community room. This room is equipped with an air conditioner and new bathrooms. The community room previously served as an outdoor patio. With the help of many people, they were able to redo the floors, build the walls, and complete the room with a television and tables and chairs.

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“I was told by some of the founders that back when this foundation was laid down in ’96, it was promised to be a community event center also; a place where people could have gatherings. So we decided, let’s make that happen,” says Taylor.

Taylor informs us that the community room is free to use. In fact, the Hunt Garden Club will be holding a meeting there, totally about 100 ladies.

“This is our big annual fundraiser. In the fall, we cook hams and turkeys and it brings in a little bit of money but this is our big one.”

By looking over the mail in donations they have received so far, Taylor expects that there will be a new record set this year for the funds raised.

Among other things happening at the Community Day, hosted by the Hunt VFD, fajitas will be cooking, raffles and silent auctions will be going on, and a band, Any Given Sunday, will be performing. Members of the Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Doug Thomas, and many other emergency services and first responders are said to be attending the event as well.

When asked if the Hunt VFD could use anything specific, the answer was, “We could always use more volunteers. We have 34 members and only 18-20 of them can respond at one time.”

Taylor explained that it can be difficult to get volunteers because the community is full of retirees and “nobody wants to retire and become a firefighter”.

If you are interested in becoming a Hunt VFF, it is instructed that you contact them through social media, an email, or a phone call.

The Community Day, June 2, will last from 11 AM to 4 PM. In addition to details previously reported on, there will be a slideshow showing the residents the progress that the station has made over the last year to two years.

Hunt VFD President, Bob Taylor, explains that the jobs they do as firefighters is all volunteered work. The organization runs on donations and grants. Any help the department can get is welcome.

HCBN would like to thank Bob Taylor for taking his time to speak with HCBN about the station and the upcoming Community Day.

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