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Woman shoots thieves trying to steal her purse ‘I shot until I couldn’t shoot anymore’

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HOUSTON – On Tuesday, September 3rd, around 2:30 a.m. a woman defended herself against two suspected robbers attempting to steal her purse, leaving one wounded.

According to officials, Lachelle Hudgins just parked her vehicle outside of her residence in southwest Houston when the two alleged thieves reached in through her driver’s side window.

Hudgins reported to police there were several other men close by her parking space at that time as well.

Authorities state Hudgins grabbed her pistol from her purse and fired the only two rounds inside, hitting one of the suspects.

“It was all I had in my gun. I shot until I couldn’t shoot anymore,” Hudgins said. “I saved my life.”

All the men around the parking spot fled when Hudgins fired and the wounded suspected was discovered a short time later on the other side of the apartment complex.

According to officials, the suspect underwent surgery for his wound and is expected to face an alleged aggravated robbery charge.

No other suspects have been brought into custody at this time.

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