Gardening guide for when to plant your vegetables this spring

It’s spring across the Hill Country! Spring means it’s time for camping, hiking, canoeing, flying kites and bike rides. Maybe planting a vegetable garden is on your list of things to do.

This region of Texas is great to produce many types of vegetables. The list provided is from Texas A&M Aggie Horticulture and has the ideal planting times for your favorite veggies.


  • Carrots Jan 15-Mar 1
  • Spinach Jan 1-Feb 15


  • Asparagus After Feb 1
  • Beets Feb 1-Mar 1
  • Broccoli Feb 1-Mar 1
  • Cabbage Feb 1- Mar 1
  • Cauliflower (transplant) Feb 1-Mar 1
  • Swiss Chard Feb 1-Mar 10
  • Collards Feb 1-Mar 25
  • Sweet Corn Feb 25-May 1
  • Kohlrabi Feb 1-Mar 1
  • Lettuce Feb 1-Mar 15
  • Mustard Feb 1-Apr 1
  • Onion (plants) Feb 1-Mar 1
  • Parsley Feb 1-Mar 1
  • English peas Feb 1-Mar 1
  • Potato Feb 15-Mar 1
  • Radish Feb 1-May 1
  • Turnip Feb 1-Mar 10


  • Snap Bush Beans Mar 5- May 1
  • Snap Pole Beans Mar 5-Apr 15
  • Lima Beans Mar 15- Apr 15
  • Cucumber Mar 5-May 1
  • Eggplant Mar 15-May 1
  • Muskmelon (Cantaloupe) Mar 15-May 1
  • Southern Peas Mar 25-May 20
  • Pepper (transplant) Mar 15-May 1
  • Summer/Winter Squash Mar 5-May 1
  • Tomato (transplant) Mar 15-Apr 10
  • Watermelon Mar 15-May 1


  • Sweet Potatoes, (slips) Apr 10-May 15
  • Pumpkin Apr 1-Apr 20

A few gardening tips to remember…

Tilling your garden well will help soften your soil and make it easier for oxygen to flow through to the plants’ roots.

Popular Texas vegetables to plant are tomatoes, squash, okra, peppers, peas, and corn because they do better in the Texas heat.

Try not to over water, some plants don’t do well if they have too much water.

Planting at the right time can help your plants produce an ideal amount of vegetables but planting them late can lessen your yield.

Space your plants out to be sure the roots can grow where they need to.

Organic pest and weed killers are recommended to keep your plants tasting their best.

Happy gardening!

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