Female in the alleged Walmart shoplifting and arsonist incident has been identified

Credit: Austin Fire Department

AUSTIN – According to the Austin Fire Department, the female suspect in the alleged shoplifting/arsonist incident at a North Austin Walmart has been identified as 27-year-old Kaylie Dawn Rusnak.

Rusnak is accused of second-degree felony arson at this time.

Kaylie Dawn Rusnak
Credit: Austin Fire Department

The Austin Fire Department responded to the Walmart in the 12900 block of North I-35 on Friday, August 23rd, for two fires that were set in the women’s restroom.

AFD states the two suspects, male and female, were witnessed hiding items around the store and apparently set the fires as a distraction to shoplift the items.

According to the arson investigators, the fire caused an estimate of $500 of damage and was intentionally set.

Walmart’s loss prevention team also spoke on the matter and stated they had been surveying the suspects hide several items throughout the store.

The surveillance footage allegedly shows Rusnak leaving the women’s restroom before the fire then again with leaving the store with a rolling suitcase and other items.

Pictures of the male suspect seen leaving the North Austin Walmart has circulated and investigators have gotten several leads on the suspect.

According to investigators, they received a call from a man stating he was the suspect in the surveillance footage, who may have been the one to positively identify Rusnak.

Officials state that he informed investigators he met up at Walmart the day of the fire.

While in the store Rusnak told the man, she had a vehicle they could use later but first she was going to “boost some stuff,” according to official documents.

The man did confirm to investigators that Rusnak apparently had the rolling suitcase with her.

He stated after shopping around the store for several minutes he went to the checkout and then the fire alarms started to sound and was informed to leave the store.

According to officials, the man stated Rusnak then picked him up outside in the dark red four-door sedan, shown apparently on surveillance footage.

Officials also stated the man said Rusnak seemed to be aggravated when she picked him up outside the store.

Allegedly Rusnak told the man she set the fire in the women’s bathrooms and that is where he asked to be let out of the car because he did not want to be involved.

Apparently, the two parted ways at that time according to investigators.

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