Family photo from Garner State Park photo-bombed by woman’s breast

Monica Davila's Family Photo

CYPRESS – A family who went on vacation at Garner State Park on Monday was going through their trip pictures when they noticed a woman had photobombed them exposing her breast.

The family said that they were just trying to recreate memories and “some chick’s boob” wasn’t allowing them to do so.

The picture shows the family smiling in the front along with a woman in the back with her shirt lifted up and her breast showing.

The family did not see the woman at the time of the picture and Davila said, “She didn’t talk to anyone – she just flashed her boob & they left.”

Davila continued to say, “I just feel completely disrespected. I just think this person should be held accountable. What she did was wrong. There were kids there watching her.”

“This to me is about accountability for your actions, just like the girl who licked the top of blue bell ice cream. We need to have higher standards!”

In the photo, a young kid was staring at the woman from above the sign. “The little boy on top who’s not with me saw it,” said Davila.

Davila said she filed a report with the Uvalde Police Department and shared the image on Facebook with the caption, “Let’s make this go viral so that she can be embarrassed.”

Charges have not been filed at this time.

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