Fake currency spreads through New Braunfels like wildfire, police warn

Credit: New Braunfels Police Department

NEW BRAUNFELS – The New Braunfels Police Department is warning the public about the rise of fake money circulating through the city.

According to the NBPD Facebook post, the department has received an increase in reports of forged currency being used to complete transactions and pay for several goods and services.

Credit: New Braunfels Police Department

The police department provides a list of what to be on the lookout for when spotting funny money.

These steps include checking the bills marked with the words “In Props We Trust,” “For Motion Picture Purposes,” or “replica,” as well as checking the bill for any Asian writing or symbols; and if the bill is the appropriate size and texture.

Credit: New Braunfels Police Department

Anyone who notices this fraudulent money should not accept any it as a form of payment.

Instead, you should immediately report the incident to NBPD by calling (830) 221-4100.

Credit: New Braunfels Police Department

Officials state that people trying to use the fake money may not be aware that the currency they have is phony.

In that situation, officers state, “doesn’t have to be confrontational. Explain the situation to the other person and call the police for assistance.”

Credit: New Braunfels Police Department

In July, Kerrville PD warned their citizens about several counterfeit money issues.

Those bills were marked with red Chinese characters and the watermarks were missing.

Credit: New Braunfels Police Department

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