Dirty tricks continue to plague the Bonnie White campaign…

You’ve seen extremely dirty tricks in national politics, and now they are trickling down into local politics. KBN has learned of at least two instances where the Bonnie White campaign has used dirty “politricks” to try and make her opponent look bad.

The first we learned several weeks back. We were told that the Bonnie White campaign was going door to door, telling people that there is only one Christian in the race. That might be true, who knows, but we do know that there is only one Baptist minister in the race, and that is Bill Blackburn.

The latest dirty trick…

It was reported by a concerned citizen Saturday that she was introduced to Bonnie White’s husband, Robert White. This is what her Facebook post read…

Kerrville United was sent the photo by a Bonnie White supporter and posted it in their article yesterday, regarding this incident. Here is the photo…

Is this right? You be the judge… Read Kerrville United’s entire article about this here.

Now KBN has said from the beginning, and this still stands true, that we aren’t taking a side in this election, and whoever is elected, we plan to work with the next Mayor fairly, but that relationship hinges, on what type of job they do for Kerrville in the future. Like our elected officials, our job is to work for the citizens of Kerrville, whether it is objectionable reporting or not.

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