UPDATE: Missing Devine mother of 3 body is discovered Tuesday

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UPDATE – Sunday, June 30th, Jessica Sanchez, mother of three, was kidnapped according to authorities, at gunpoint allegedly by her estranged boyfriend, Jorge Jaramillo.

According to Medina County Sheriff’s Office, both the bodies of Sanchez and Jaramillo were discovered dead Tuesday, July 9th. Sanchez had been forcibly removed from the home on Sunday 30th. Her three young girls bearing witness to the abduction.

Medina County Crime Stoppers offered a reward for anyone who had information that led to the capturing Jaramillo and locating Sanchez.

DEVINE – On Sunday, June 30th, Jessica Sanchez, mother of 3 was kidnapped at gunpoint by her estranged boy when he allegedly broke into her residence through a window. According to police, when the suspect entered the home he apparently also fired a warning shot through the wall.

Officials state the suspect is apparently Sanchez’s estranged boyfriend, Jorge Jaramillo, age 48. Police also state that Jaramillo supposedly fired the warning shot into the wall to stop Sanchez’s children from coming close to them, then apparently Jaramillo forced Sanchez to leave her home and into his vehicle, which was later found near Pearson, 10 miles from Sanchez’s residence, along with her cellphone inside.

Jessica Sanchez, Missing Mother of 3
Credit: The Devine Police Department

According to family members, the couple’s relationship had taken a turn for the worse and become very unstable. “They had been together for about 7 years and separated on Memorial [Day] after an incident occurred,” Santiago Carrillo, Sanchez’s brother-in-law, told KENS 5. “The only thing I could fathom is he could not take not being with her and so he found a breaking point,” Santiago Carrillo continued.

Sanchez’s sister, Blasa Carillo, spoke on behalf of her sister and three nieces, “[They] saw everything, from the gun to being put into the laundry room, to hearing the gun go off and mom saying pretty much goodbye.” According to the Devine Police Department, the children were physically unharmed in the incident.

According to Devine Police Lieutenant Christopher Andrews, Jaramillo’s ex-wife discovered her gun was missing and went down to the police station to file a report and to claim he had possibly taken it.

Jorge Jaramillo, age 48
Credit: The Devine Police Department

Lt. Andrews stated, “She stated she was unaware that he had taken it prior to her dropping him off at one of our city parks, which happens to be in close proximity to where Miss Sanchez lives.”

The Devine Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Department of Corrections and the Medina County Sheriff’s Office are working together to forming a large search party, scouring the area on foot, with scent tracking K-9 units, and by helicopter.

Currently, Sanchez’s family is waiting for any word about her location and safety as they take care of her daughters. “It’s very hard not to cry because one of the twins, that’s all she’s been doing and just hugging her and trying not to cry,” said Carrillo.

Jaramillo is considered to still be armed and very dangerous if you see him, police are asking that you call 911 or your local police department right away. DO NOT attempt to approach him in any way.

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