Comfort toddler passes away, family donates organs to save other babies

Killian Alexander Michlowitz, of Comfort, Texas, was born on October 18, 2016. He suffered from seizures beginning at a very young age and as time went by, the seizures got worse. Sadly, on May 20, 2018, Killian passed away at a hospital in San Antonio.

Michlowitz is remembered by his parents as “a quick light that shined in our lives.”

After suffering a seizure last Wednesday, he was halo flighted to San Antonio. During the helicopter ride, his heart stopped. Once at the hospital, doctors did everything they could to save his life but it was too late.

Upon his untimely death, his parents decided to donate his organs to other babies who needed them the most. Killian was able to save the lives of 8 babies with his donation.

The parents of Killian have started a GoFundMe page for those in the community who wish to help with this 18-month-old’s funeral costs.

Killian’s parents express their gratitude to those who have donated and prayed for them during this devastating time. “He is with God and the angels now, (we are) forever cherishing and remembering Killian Alexander Michlowitz.”

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