Caught on Camera: Abilene PD looking for suspect seen on video stealing money from bar tip jar, shoving it in her bra and pants

ABILENE – The Abilene Police Department is searching for a suspect who was seen on surveillance video appearing to steal a tip jar off the counter of the bar.

This incident took place on July 19 at approximately 2:00 a.m. at the Shirts and Skin Bar Grill/Longbranch.

As shown in the video, the suspect inconspicuously slides the jar off of the table before beginning to put the money inside her bra and pants.

When the suspect returns the tip jar to the bar top, it appears to only have loose change remaining.

The bar was unsure of the amount of money that was taken from the jar.

The Abilene Police Department is asking anyone who may know the identity of this woman to contact them at 325-673-8331.

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