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Accused boyfriend claims his girlfriend is lying about her daughter’s death from his jail cell, she was found in a closet

Credit: Harris County Jail

HOUSTON – Santiago Esparza is proclaiming from his Harris County Jail cell that his girlfriend, is lying after his first court appearance.

Priscilla Torres
Credit: Harris County Records

Esparza claims he did not hurt Sierra, though officials say he is a known gang member with an extensive rap sheet that includes a conviction for injuring his own child.

According to prosecutors, both Torres and Esparza were in the apartment while 5-year-old Sierra’s lifeless body remained in a bedroom closet.

Officials court documents state that Torres informed officers that while she cooked dinner Esparza gave Sierra a bath.

The court documents continued to state that Torres also told investigators that while Esparza gave Sierra a bath the bathroom door was shut, and he refused to open it.

Santiago Esparza
Credit: Harris County Jail

“Why would I give that girl a bath? said Esparza. “I didn’t give that girl a bath. Would you let me give your daughter a bath? No, right? Then why would I give her daughter a bath?”

According to prosecutors, Torres has giving conflicting stories about what happened to Sierra that evening which also includes bathing her herself.

Officials state several different versions of the story include Sierra suffering burns after her bath, finding an empty bottle of toilet cleaner floating in the bathwater, as well as leaving Sierra alone in the bath for several minutes.

Four days after the bath incident Torres stated Sierra was not eating and was vomiting and was in and out of consciousness.

5-year-old Sierra
Credit: Houston PD

It was clear that Sierra needed medical attention, yet she apparently did not receive any.

Prosecutors accused both Esparza and Torrez in concealing Sierra’s body within the bedroom closet.

Both Esparza and Torrez are apparently facing charges of Tampering with a Corpse, which is a third-degree felony.

“I turned myself in,” said Esparza. “I wouldn’t be here if I was guilty. I’d be long gone. I turned myself in to face this because I didn’t do what she said I did. I’m here to face all this.”

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