A meeting at Tivy High School was held to discuss student drug and alcohol testing at KISD

May 9, 2018

Yesterday, May 8, Kerrville ISD held a meeting to discuss information about the proposed random drug and alcohol testing of KISD students beginning in the 2018-2019 school year.

Those who attended received a packet full of detailed information regarding the program. The packet answered questions that parents and guardians might have and laid out the punishment requirements for a student that tests positive for drugs and/or alcohol.

According to the packet acquired at the meeting, illegal drugs that will be detected on a drug test will be but are not limited to, Marijuana, Ecstacy, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, Cocaine, Opiates, Barbiturates, Heroin, Steroids, and illegally acquired prescription medications and alcohol.

Students who have a positive test as a result of a legally prescribed medication may have their parents provide medical documentation to confirm the prescription.

Students in grades 9 through 12  who participated in UIL activities or other school-sponsored activities in competition or performance will be tested, as well as those who obtain a parking permit at Tivy High School.

A district contracted laboratory will randomly select students to test and administer either an oral fluid or urine test to determine a student’s test results. The sample will then be split into two separate samples, specimen A and specimen B, and will be sent off for testing. Specimen A will be tested twice if a positive result is collected to confirm the result.

If a parent or guardian wishes to test the sample again, they can have specimen B sent to a nationally certified independent laboratory as identified by the District. Retesting will be at the parent or guardian’s expense.

Tests results will not be shared with law enforcement.

The first time a student tests positive, they will be suspended from competition, performances, and/or parking for 15 days. The student will still be able to practice on school days. The student will face retesting for 6 months and will be required to attend a District approved Substance Abuse Screening Inventory and Drug Awareness program and must be able to show proof of completion before being reinstated.

The second offense will require 30 days of suspension from competition, performances, and/or parking. The student is allowed to continue to practice on school days. They will be required to retest for a 9 month period. Again, the student will be obligated to attend a Drug Awareness program and provide proof of completion.

After the third offense, a suspension period of 1 year will be issued and the student will be removed from involved activities for the duration of their suspension. Attending practices will not be permitted. Retesting will be mandatory for 1 year at the parent or guardians expense. Both parent and student will then be required to attend a Drug Awareness program at the parent’s expense.

If a fourth offense happens the student will be suspended from competitions, performances, practices and/or parking for the remainder of their high school career. However, if the student can demonstrate they are drug and alcohol-free after one calendar year, they could possibly be reinstated in the desired activity. Retesting will happen for over a year to reestablish eligibility at the parent or guardians expense. Interventions provided by the parents are required at this point.

If a student refuses a drug and alcohol test or if it has been determined that the student has tampered with the sample when they are randomly selected they will be deemed to have a positive test result and the applicable offense will be issued.

Parents can also voluntarily have their child participate in the drug and alcohol testing program.

To request more information about the proposed random drug and alcohol program for KISD, contact Tivy High School at 830-257-2212.

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