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Boerne Mayor pleads for citizens to take his orders seriously!




(Last Updated On: April 24, 2020)

BOERNE, Texas — As Coronavirus spreads quickly across the US, grocery shopping has become one of the most anxiety-producing yet necessary activities we face. Many people in the Boerne community are alarmed at how some people are just not taking the Pandemic seriously enough—including Mayor Tim Handren. 

The biggest complaint has been the hordes of people who seem to be using the grocery stores as the new Six Flags. In a recent video to the community, Mayor Handren says that “Families are piling in the car and going to the grocery store, almost as if it was a field trip.”

“You’ve got to stop that. It’s not a game and taking 3,4,5 of your family members to the grocery store as a field-trip because you’re bored—you’re putting other people at risk. You’re putting your own kids at risk.” 

Grocery stores are the busiest places in the community and the mayor is urging people to limit the group size to two…or even one if at all possible. In addition, please try to maintain a distance of at least six feet from other people. Not only is it a CDC guideline, but it is also an order from the mayor. 

Remember that we have other options now as well. Boerne is blessed with many wonderful restaurants that are now offering groceries and family meal packages.

The local establishments are struggling during these times and could really use your support. But in general, try to stay home as much as possible and do your part to #FlattenTheCurve!

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