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Boerne Mayor confirms six cases of COVID-19 in Kendall County

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(Last Updated On: April 24, 2020)

KENDALL COUNTY, Texas — In a video released by the City of Boerne Friday, Boerne Mayor Tim Handren confirmed that there are now six cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 in Kendall County.

While the mayor said he didn’t know any of the details, he said that it is in Kendall County and that they are testing more.

Tim Handren seemed optimistic and said that he believes it’s time to start planning for recovery, even though he thinks that the virus is still on a growing curve in Kendall County.


Mayor Handren said that even though the Declaration of Disaster was extended by thirty days, that it wasn’t about dying. It was about keeping the hospital system from being overwhelmed.

He said that he will start loosening guidelines in the city as soon as it is safe to do so.

“We have to stay connected as a group, keep supporting our local folks as best we can,” said Mayor Handren. “We’ve gotta be Boerne Strong. That’s all we can do right now.”

You can find more information on COVID-19 locally on the Boerne City website.

Texas Breaking News will update the community with more news as it’s available.



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